I participate in games jams with a group of friends under the name So Good Games. Most recently, we participated in the 91st Weekly Game Jam and created a dating sim. The last three years, we’ve participated in the 48-hour Global Game Jam.

I engineer the games along with June Wilde; Kytana Le, Wenley Shen, and Christina Qi create the art; and Lucien Ye composes the music and sound effects.


🍑🍾👞, or Peach Vodka, is a dating sim that takes place entirely on social media. We created it for the 91st Weekly Game Jam, which had the theme “detective text adventure”. I engineered the game, including the branching dialogue system and dialogue authoring tools, clue-tracking, and UI systems. You can view the repository on GitHub.


Bun Bao Beat is a rhythm cooking game. The 2019 game jam’s theme was “what makes you think of home”, and our answer was food. I engineered the game, including the system to create beats. You can view the repository on GitHub.

The Endless River is a calm, atmospheric puzzle game that we developed during the 2018 Global Game Jam with the theme "transmission". In it, you guide souls in the process from death to rebirth by mixing colors to match the color of their spirit. I wrote the shaders for the game, including an animated, reflective 2D water shader, and engineered the gameplay. You can view the repository on GitHub and a tutorial on the water shader on my blog.


We created the dog dating sim I Ruff You with the spare 7 hours we had during a game jam in September 2017. The game stars a dog trying to romance its way into the hearts of one of the three eligible bowchelors... or one secret lover. I engineered the game, including a dialogue tool for use inside the Unity editor. You can view the source code in the Github repo.