Limit Theory

Limit Theory

Limit Theory is a procedurally generated space exploration game with 4X elements. It's currently in development and slated for release this year (2018). 

My responsibility was architecting systems to procedurally generate space ships and other space-constructions for LT. I'm is developing in Lua in an in-house engine. Every vertex of the meshes are generated from scratch; there are no hand-made 3D objects or 2D textures used. I also worked on a tool to allow players to use this system to customize ships in the game for the demo we showed at Pax South 2018.

When Limit Theory is released, you will be able to play the game and view and mod all of the gameplay and generation code. For now, you can follow the game on Twitter and Kickstarter and read development logs written by me and others on the LT Forums.

Procedural Generation Highlights


Code: Linden Reid, Josh Parnell, Adam Byrd

Community Management: Nathan Weeks

Engine: In-house